The Louisiana Golf Association (LGA) was established in 1920 with the inaugural Louisiana State Amateur Championship at Shreveport Country Club. Initially focused on this championship, the LGA expanded its scope in 1958 with the introduction of the Junior Amateur Championship, showcasing talents like Hal Sutton and David Toms.

As golf gained popularity, the LGA evolved, adding five more championships within eight years. In 1994, a pivotal decision led to hiring the first full-time staff member, transitioning into a comprehensive state golf association. Located in Lafayette, the LGA centralized operations, enhancing services like Championship Administration, USGA Handicap System oversight, and Rules of Golf authority.

In 1998, the LGA Handicap Network began for statewide consistency and fair handicapping. This initiative led to events like the Net Amateur Championship and Net Club Team Championship, broadening participation. Subsequent expansions in staff and programs, including partnerships with the Audubon Golf Trail and Gulf States PGA, furthered the LGA’s reach and impact.

In 2019, collaboration with the Gulf States PGA birthed the Louisiana Junior Golf Tour, promoting junior golf statewide. Committed to fostering amateur golf’s growth, the LGA persists in providing member and information services, promoting inclusivity, and upholding the game’s integrity and traditions.

Our mission

As an Allied Golf Association of the USGA, the Louisiana Golf Association provides the following services to its members and member clubs:

Course Measuring and Rating

Complimentary USGA-approved course and slope rating services, including tee-to-green GPS course measurement, as authorized by the USGA

Championship Administration

Managing 18 LGA Championships, 24 LGA and USGA qualifiers, and 10 Louisiana Junior Golf Tour events, showcasing our commitment to competitive opportunities for all golf enthusiasts and enhancing the tournament experience

Rules of Amateur Status

Providing exclusive oversight of the World Handicap System (WHS) in Louisiana, authorized by the USGA to administer handicapping services to clubs statewide

Rules of Golf

Ensuring integrity in golf regulations, the LGA serves as Louisiana’s authoritative source for Rules of Golf and Amateur Status. We offer educational seminars for members on these regulations

The LGA’s contributions extend beyond the realm of competition. We are the essential foundation for calculating a WHS Handicap Index, crucial for assessing individual performance. Moreover, the LGA serves as the governing body for amateur golf in Louisiana, ensuring the continued preservation of the game’s integrity and cherished traditions.

Much like the USGA at the national level, the LGA proudly upholds its responsibilities on the state level, making it indispensable for golf enthusiasts across Louisiana. For inquiries or to become involved, please contact us at 337-265-3938. Your engagement is crucial to our collective commitment to the enduring legacy of golf in Louisiana.