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We encourage junior golfers to explore membership options with the Louisiana Junior Golf Tour or their local club. 

*Golfers will receive the same benefits and services regardless of which option he/she chooses to join or renew their membership*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a golfer joins a club and is added to its handicap roster, they will receive their GHIN number via email.

LGA memberships are valid for the current calendar year. Memberships activate on January 1st and expire on December 31st, with the exception of the USGA/LGA GC which is valid for 365 days after signing up.

No, if your membership expires, your GHIN number and scoring record is simply made inactive until you choose to reactivate it at the same club or a new one.  

Sometimes when a golfer joins a new club, they are inadvertently assigned a new GHIN number instead of having their existing one transferred.  In that case, contact the LGA office and we will merge the records.