Volunteer Opportunities


The Louisiana Golf Association (LGA) is actively seeking volunteers.  Since its inception in 1920, the backbone of the LGA has been its volunteers.  As we continue to grow the game, we are re-organizing our volunteer program to create additional opportunities to give back to our great game as well as to add value to the important benefits that the LGA provides its Individual Members and Member Clubs.

The Louisiana Golf Association is a membership-based, nonprofit organization that exists to govern, grow and protect the game in Louisiana.  The LGA Volunteer program is designed to assist the LGA in providing the highest level of service to its Individual Members and Member Clubs.

Please click here to complete an application form indicating your interest.

During the webinars, we will plan on providing more detailed descriptions/explanations regarding how we see our Volunteers contributing to the enhancement of our Championship and Course Rating programs.  As we indicated, our goal is to identify and engage Volunteers in a manner that will bring added value to LGA programs, while providing an opportunity to build camaraderie among those that want to give back to the game we all love.  We anticipate that the webinars will last in the neighborhood of 45-60 minutes.

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We look forward to working with you to build a strong Volunteer presence for the LGA moving forward.  Thanks again for your interest and support.

Two Volunteer Paths

The LGA Volunteer Program is comprised of two general categories: 1. Championship Administration, and 2. Course Rating Services.  We would welcome your involvement in either category or, if you are so inclined, both.

Championship Administration Volunteer

Championship Volunteers help administer LGA Men’s, Women’s, and Junior Championships and Qualifying events, Louisiana Junior Golf Tour (LJGT) events, and United States Golf Association (USGA) Championship Qualifying events.

Based on the individual’s expertise and level of experience, LGA Championship volunteers are designated as either, 1) General Volunteer, 2) Rules Volunteer, or 3) Senior Rules Official.

General Volunteers…..may serve as hosts, marshals, fore caddies, pace-of-play monitors, scoring area volunteers, and other important roles.  This is a great opportunity to gain valuable behind-the-scenes experience in all facets of golf administration.

Rules Volunteer…..may serve as starters, pace-of-play monitors, scoring officials, and provide on-course assistance to players.  In order to serve as an LGA Rules Volunteer, an individual must demonstrate a passion for and comprehension of the Rules of Golf.  Rules Volunteers will not be expected to provide answers to rules questions except as directed by an LGA Senior Rules Official.

Senior Rules Official…..Senior Rules Officials must have attended a USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Workshop within the last four years and scored a minimum passing grade on the post-workshop test.  They will provide in-person rulings as well as through communication with LGA Rules Volunteers.


Course Rating Services Volunteer

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has designated the LGA as the sole Authorized Golf Association (AGA) for the state of Louisiana.  As such, the LGA is the only organization licensed by the USGA to provide handicapping and course rating services to the state’s golfers and clubs.  That means the LGA is responsible for rating and measuring all golf courses in the state as well as administering and overseeing the USGA Handicap System.

The LGA currently has a Northern Rating team and a Southern Rating team, comprised almost exclusively of LGA Volunteers.  Teams are assigned courses in their geographic area and, along with the LGA’s Director of Member Services, typically rate 5-10 courses annually.  When rating a course, the team evaluates each hole using the USGA Course Rating Team System Handbook.  The majority of the team’s time is spent measuring distances to various obstacles from specific landing zones based on shot parameters.  After rating the obstacles, the rating team may play the golf course to gain greater insight, from a playing perspective, and to clarify any doubts or questions that may arise on specific holes or shots.

New volunteer raters will be asked initially to participate as observers, walking with, and learning from, experienced raters.  It is extremely important that the LGA uphold the consistency of its rating program so that the USGA Course Rating and Handicap Systems that it oversees maintain their integrity.


If you have an interest in giving back to our game by participating as an LGA Volunteer, please click here to complete an application form indicating your interest.  Thanks for your support.