Team Louisiana Takes the Lead After Day One of 2023 Junior River Cup

Kye Hanks and Drew Prieto analyze a tee shot from the morning round.

Monroe, Louisiana – September 16, 2023

First round results of the 2023 Junior River Cup at Bayou Desiard Country Club in Monroe, Louisiana on Saturday, September 16, 2023.  

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40 players competed in round one of the 2023 Junior River Cup.  Tee times began at 7:30 AM off the 1st tee.  The final group finished early at 5:52 PM.  The course played to a par 72 at 6,700 yards for the Boy’s 14-18 Division, 5,700 yards for the Girls and 12-14 Boy’s Divisions, and 5,400 yards for the 10-11 Boy’s Division.

The 2023 Junior River Cup began with a strong start at the Bayou Desiard Country Club in Monroe, Louisiana. After completing 36 holes, Team Louisiana managed to secure an 12-8 lead over Team Mississippi, setting the stage for tomorrow’s final round.

As the morning matches unfolded, Team Louisiana established their dominance, leading Team Mississippi with a score of 7.5-2.5 after the four-ball format matches.

In the 12-13 Boy’s Division, the matches concluded in a tie, with Parker Greene and Ivan Popp contributing a point for Team Louisiana, while Brantlee Bennett and Wright Taylor earned a point for Team Mississippi.

The Girl’s and 10-11 Boy’s Divisions witnessed a clean sweep by Team Louisiana, with pairs such as Maci Williams + Mattie Purgahn, Vivian Volion + Abigail McWilliams, Eli Knighton + Crew Galambos, and Derby Everson + Owen Lejeune securing victories over Mississippi, resulting in a substantial 4-point addition to Team Louisiana’s overall score.

In the 14-15 Boy’s Division, Jude Leboeuf + Hudson Partin claimed a point for Team Louisiana, while Tucker Gutierrez + Jackson Knight secured one for Team Mississippi.

The 16-18 Boy’s Division featured an evenly matched contest between David Marsh + Preston Paulk of Team Louisiana and Jack Morris + Hayden Webber of Team Mississippi, resulting in a tie. However, Dax Reaux + Drew Sliman’s impressive victory by 6 up added the final point to Team Louisiana’s early morning score of 7.5.

During the afternoon session, the format transitioned to foursome match play. In the 10-11 Boy’s Division, Team Mississippi mounted a modest comeback, exemplified by Cameron Knight + Spencer Starnes securing a victory of 3 up. Maintaining a consistent performance, Derby Everson + Owen Lejeune also triumphed with a 4-up win.

Meanwhile, in the Girl’s Division, Team Louisiana continued their dominance in the afternoon, clinching both matches and adding 2 more points to Louisiana’s tally.

The 12-13 Boys Division saw Team Mississippi take control, with Brantlee Bennett + Wright Taylor emerging victorious, while Hudson Greene + Reed Winkler and Tendekai Nyandoro + Henry Coker settled for a tie in their matches.

In the 14-15 Boy’s Division, Team Mississippi claimed a clean sweep, securing victories in all 4 matches.

Lastly, in the Boy’s 16-18 Division, Preston Paulk + David Marsh won their match convincingly with a 4-up lead.

As the afternoon round unfolded, the dynamics of the competition continued to shift, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the tournament. With these notable performances, the 2023 Junior River Cup promises further competitive action in tomorrow’s final round, as Team Louisiana maintains its lead.

This championship was conducted by the Louisiana Golf Association.

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