Louisiana Junior Golf Spotlight: Ryan Dupuy


January 14, 2021

The Louisiana Junior Golf Tour member spotlight is a monthly article highlighting the strong talent in our state. Our January junior golfer to be featured is Ryan Dupuy of Baton Rouge. Ryan is a senior at The Dunham School, and has been a member of the Louisiana Junior Golf Tour since its inception in 2019. Ryan will attend the University of Southern Mississippi in the fall of 2021 and play for the men’s golf team. Here is our Q&A with Ryan:

  1. What is your favorite golf memory?


Winning the AJGA Innisbrook tournament and hugging my dad.


  1. If you were a golf club, which club would you be and why?


Driver because it’s important to get a good start.


  1. What is your dream course to play?


Pine Valley.


  1. Along with yourself, who would be in your ideal foursome?


Tiger Woods, Bob Menery, and Rickie Fowler.


  1. Who is your favorite PGA or LGPA player?


Tiger Woods.


  1. What sport would you play if you did not play golf?




  1. Favorite golf movie?




  1. What are you currently binge-watching?




  1. What is your favorite subject in school?




  1. Favorite quote golf or non-golf related?


“Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with you misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.” – Dr. Bob Rotella