Louisiana Junior Golf Spotlight – Noah McWilliams

The Louisiana Junior Golf Tour member spotlight is a monthly article highlighting the strong talent in our state.

Our December junior golfer to be featured is Noah McWilliams of Benton. Noah is a rising junior at Benton High School, and has been a member of the Louisiana Junior Golf Tour(LJGT) since its inception in 2019. Noah had an outstanding season, finishing runner-up or better in all but one LJGT recorded tournament. He finished in first at the LJGT at Querbes Park, tied for first in the Gulf States PGA Championship, and runner-up in the Tour Championship. Also notable, he finished runner-up in the LHSAA Boys’ State golf tournament in 2021. Noah qualified for the U.S. Junior Amateur at the Country Club of North Carolina and the Boys Junior PGA Championship at Kearney Hill Golf Links in Kentucky. His display of talent this year helped him climb the leaderboard and become the 2021 LJGT Player of the Year.

Here is our Q&A with Noah:

What is your favorite golf memory?

My favorite golf memory is playing in U.S. Junior Amateur in North Carolina and playing in the Junior PGA Championship in Kentucky.

If you were a golf club, which club would you be and why?

If I were a golf club I would be the driver because the driver is the most fun club to hit, and it can sometimes be a little out of wack.

What is your dream golf course to play?

My dream course is definitely Augusta National because not many people get to play it, and it is arguably the most beautiful golf course.

Along with yourself, who would be in your ideal golf foursome?

My ideal foursome would be me, my dad (Robby McWilliams), Tiger Woods, and Jack Nicklaus.

Favorite PGA or LPGA player?

My favorite player on tour is Sam Burns because he is not only a Louisiana native but he grew up playing the course that I play, East Ridge and 265.

What sport would you play if you did not play golf?

If I did not play golf I would be playing baseball because I grew up playing baseball and most of my friends that I grew up with played and still play baseball.

Favorite golf movie?

My favorite golf movie is Tin Cup.

What are you currently binge-watching?

I am currently binge watching YOU. I also watch The Andy Griffith Show, and my family and I love Barney.

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is definitely lunch.

Favorite quote, golf or non-golf related?

“Everything that has its head down gets eaten.” – Jack Burke Jr.