2024 P.J. Boatwright Summit: Reflections from LGA Interns Alexis Deese and Noah Duhon

June 1, 2024 | Alexis Deese

Liberty Corner, New Jersey – This year our 2024 P.J. Boatwright interns, Noah Duhon and Alexis Deese, had the opportunity to attend the Boatwright Intern Summit with the United States Golf Association (USGA). Over the course of the summit attendees were able to learn from experts within the golf industry while gaining knowledge and skills to prepare them for their internships.

The summit involved many members with immense knowledge of the golf industry, while also considering and welcoming those who did not have as much experience. Alexis shared that she ‘appreciated the breakdown of information and how welcoming everyone was’. Attending this summit not only helped Alexis learn more about the industry, but gave her meaningful information to bring back to the Louisiana Golf Association (LGA).

 In addition, a great element of the summit was the opportunity to connect with interns of other associations from all over the country. The ability to connect with them on a professional level during networking events as well as a casual atmosphere while playing TopGolf helped the interns build stronger connections and relationships.

Over the course of the three days many speakers spoke to the attendees about various topics. Hillary Cronheim kick-started the summit by explaining the history of the USGA and the passion that drives the organization. The day continued with a lecture on handicapping and course rating with Todd Mazurick and  Derek Mckenzie, followed by a championship administration talk from Victoria Clawson. Interns also had the chance to hear from Scott Mingay about the green section, and all the tools and resources used to make a green playable for golfers. The summit then concluded with remarks from USGA CEO Mike Whan and a championship team presentation by Ben Kimball. 

Noah liked the behind the scene detail and information brought to the interns during the lectures. As a season enthusiast of the sport and ambitions to stay within this industry, Noah found the speakers and experience as a whole enlightening. Noah further explained that ‘The intern summit not only increased my appreciation for golf but also equipped me to navigate my time at the LGA.’

In addition to speakers, the Boatwright interns were able to visit more of the USGA headquarters by visiting the onsite museum and participating in a putting championship at the campus greens. These combined activities gave all the interns a well rounded experience and ample opportunity to learn, network, and enjoy the summit in full. 

After leaving the summit the interns felt empowered due to their new found knowledge and connections that were made. Noah and Alexis expressed their gratitude to both the USGA and the LGA for giving them this opportunity, and are grateful to following a legacy as a Boatwright alum. 

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