Golfers can become a member of the LGA online or in person through one the LGA’s Member Clubs.  LGA membership includes a number of benefits.

Join the LGA Online 

LGA membership is available to all golfers throughout Louisiana who wish to take advantage of the benefits.  The cost of joining the LGA online is $45 per season (January 1st through December 31st).

  • A golfer does not need to have a “club/course membership” with a facility listed to join the LGA through them.
  • LGA Membership purchased online through a selected facility does not provide the golfer with any club membership status at their LGA Member Club. 

Join an LGA Green-Grass Club

LGA Green-Grass Clubs are LGA golf clubs located at a specific facility.  An LGA Green-Grass Club can be a private, semi-private, public, or resort golf course. Pick up the phone or stop by a golf club in your area and ask them to set you up with an LGA membership and a “GHIN Number.”  They can most likely take care of that request in a matter of minutes over the phone.  You can also find a course in your area by using our searchable Member Club database.
Click here to find a club near you.

Now that you have joined a club, you will need to play at a course with a USGA Course Rating™ and Slope Rating®, and then post your scores.  Once you have posted five adjusted gross scores and a revision date passes, the club will issue you a certified Handicap Index.  An adjusted gross score is a player’s gross score adjusted under USGA Handicap System procedures for unfinished holes, conceded strokes, holes not played or not played under the Rules of Golf or Equitable Stroke Control.