Golfers can become a member of the Louisiana Golf Association online or in-person through one of the LGA’s Member Clubs.  LGA membership includes a number of benefits.

Join/Renew with the LGA Online 

LGA membership is available to all golfers throughout Louisiana who wish to take advantage of the benefits.  The cost of joining the LGA online is $50 per season (January 1st through December 31st). 

  • A golfer does not need to have a “club/course membership” with a facility listed to join the LGA through them.
  • LGA Membership purchased online through a selected facility does not provide the golfer with any club membership status at their LGA Member Club. 

Join/Renew through a LGA Green-Grass Club

LGA Green-Grass Clubs are LGA golf clubs located at a specific facility.  An LGA Green-Grass Club can be a private, semi-private, public, or resort golf course. Pick up the phone or stop by a golf club in your area and ask them to set you up with an LGA membership and a “GHIN Number.”  They can most likely take care of that request in a matter of minutes over the phone.  You can also find a course in your area by using our searchable Member Club database.
Click here to find a club near you.

Now that you have joined a club, you will need to play at a course with a USGA Course Rating™ and Slope Rating®, and then post your scores.  Once you have posted 54 holes of adjusted gross scores (9 or 18-Hole rounds), the subsequent day the club will issue you an authorized Handicap Index.  An adjusted gross score is a player’s gross score adjusted under World Handicap System’s Rules of Handicapping procedures for unfinished holes, conceded strokes, holes not played or not played under the Rules of Golf.

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