Golf Digest Explores Team Approach with PGA Tour Winner Sam Burns


Golf Digest, a leading authority on golf instruction and tips, delves into the team approach to golf with PGA Tour winner and ADP ambassador Sam Burns in a captivating video series titled “Approach is Everything.” The series, available at, uncovers the behind-the-scenes support system that helps Burns optimize his game and achieve success at the highest level of professional golf.

Sam Burns, known for his fierce drive to win, understands that having a talented team behind him is a crucial part of the equation. From his coach and wife to his caddie, father, and agent, Burns relies on a team of trusted advisors who work tirelessly to elevate his talent and turn it into results. While professional golf may seem like an individual sport on the surface, the reality is that the team support and preparation that goes into it is akin to that of a Formula 1 racecar driver’s pit crew.

Golf Digest had the privilege of tagging along with Sam Burns during a practice week away from the Tour to explore his team approach to the game. Through in-depth conversations with Burns and his team, the article sheds light on how they meticulously prepare for each tournament week, approach each maneuver, and utilize a combination of tenacity, technology, and teamwork to achieve success on the course.

“I’ve always believed in the power of a strong team behind me,” said Sam Burns. “My coach, wife, caddie, father, and agent are all instrumental in my journey as a professional golfer. Their unwavering support and expertise help me refine my skills and perform at my best. I am grateful for their contributions to my success.”

The article in Golf Digest also highlights how Burns and his team leverage cutting-edge technology, analyze data, and strategize for optimal performance. From fine-tuning his swing to developing course strategies, Burns relies on his team’s insights and expertise to continuously improve his game.

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