Congrats to LGA Member Stan Humphries on a Top 5 finish at the R&A Senior Amateur Championship

The R&A – July 17, 2023

In a showcase of exceptional skill and determination, Stan Humphries secured a remarkable top 5 finish at the prestigious R&A Senior Amateur Championship. The Championship, held at Woodhall Spa, England, gathered golfers from around the globe for a competition that captivated audiences and showcased the immense talent of the senior golfing community.

Humphries’ incredible performance throughout the championship solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the senior golfing circuit. The Louisiana native returned a 2-under-par 71 in the second round over Woodhall Spa’s Hotchkin Course to go with an opening 73, 1-over, on the Bracken Course. He was sitting on 1-under total just three shots off the lead when he finished his second round.  With a final total score of 291, Humphries finished at an even par for the championship, securing his fifth place spot on the leaderboard.  

As a member of the Louisiana Golf Association, Humphries has showcased his remarkable abilities and represented the association with pride and distinction. His success at the R&A Senior Amateur Championship further solidifies his position as a valuable asset to the Louisiana golfing community and serves as an inspiration to aspiring golfers and highlights the endless possibilities that can be achieved with dedication, perseverance, and a genuine love for the sport. His success not only brings pride to himself but also reflects positively on the Louisiana Golf Association and its commitment to nurturing talented golfers.

About Stan Humphries:

Stan Humphries Humphries is a 57-year-old Monroe, Louisiana resident whom was backup quarterback when Washington secured a 37-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. Four years later he led the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX, this time on the end of a 49-26 defeat to the San Francisco 49ers.  He has been coaching girls high school basketball for 19 years, and loves to golf as much as he can in the off season.