másLabor – LGA Partner – Secure H-2B workers if needed

Lafayette, Louisiana               May 11, 2022

The Louisiana Golf Association is proud to announce másLabor as its “Official H-2 Labor Specialist Partner.” As you know, finding and keeping quality labor is a challenge in today’s climate. Labor is at the forefront of what makes a golf course and facility thrive, and másLabor’s services actively make it easier for employers to get legal, capable, and reliable labor.

másLabor is the nation’s top H-2 agent, helping all types of U.S. employers utilize the H-2B guest worker program. It is a perfect fit for golf clubs in Louisiana and the best way to secure dependable labor through employment-based visa programs, which will allow those hired to return to your business season after season.

  • másLabor’s team includes the industry’s most competent, experienced professionals. They strive to maximize your benefits while minimizing your potential liabilities.
  • They deliver industry-leading results. Their customized, in-house software platform employs real-time data analysis and rapid response capabilities to keep your application on track through the multi-stage government approval process.
  • Each másLabor client receives a dedicated case manager to ensure complete responsiveness from start to finish. They are with you every step of the way, regardless of your operation’s size or the number of workers needed.

Let másLabor give you peace of mind and help elevate your club’s services and performance through the workforce. “It is our mission to save American businesses,” said Megan Wright, másLabor’s Director, Industry Relations. “We can ensure you have the guidance and compliance support needed to navigate the H-2B program– allowing you to focus on the future success of your clubs.”

If you are interested in discussing eligibility for the October 1st, 2022 H-2B program start date, másLabor will need to start conversations no later than June 1st. The filing window for the first half of fiscal year 2023, closes July 1st, 2022.

Please visit Home | másLabor ( for more information, or reach out to Megan directly (