Lafayette, LA – The Louisiana Golf Association (LGA) today announced a new partnership with Drink 20/20, a wellness shot for athletes. Founded by George Savaricas, Drink 20/20 was created to help athletes perform at their best in everyday life and when they compete. The shots are gluten-free, kosher certified, non-gmo, vegan, and designed to optimize athletic performance. The scientifically backed formula is Sports Dietitian formulated and approved to help you find your edge before you even start competition or training. For golfers and all athletes, Drink 20/20 offers a healthy alternative to artificial and sugar filled sports drinks. It is formulated with real ingredients to optimize athletic performance. It is ideal for daily defense and contains Vitamins C (150% DV / more than an entire orange), D, and E plus a 20/20 immunity blend. The LGA’s partnership with Drink 20/20 creates an opportunity for LGA members to receive 15% off orders at It is also the perfect product for LGA member clubs to retail. The 20/20 Immunity Booster is shelf-stable and can be merchandised from any counter top at a facility.

Drink 20/20 will become the “Official Wellness Drink of the Louisiana Golf Association” under the new agreement and provide the LGA with product to help ensure the number one golf administration staff in the Bayou State is healthy and on top of their game. Drink 20/20 is also contributing a $1,000 donation that will support the LGA in its initiatives to advance golf in Louisiana and promote junior golf.  “The LGA is excited to announce this partnership with Drink 20/20,” said Logan Ray, Executive Director of the Louisiana Golf Association.  “20/20 immunity booster is an excellent product that tastes great and is ideal for golfers. At a time when health is paramount and at the forefront of conversations, we couldn’t ask for a better fit in a partnership. We are always looking to provide our individual members and member clubs with value added benefits and nothing is more beneficial than sound health and wellness… That’s what 20/20 provides.  It’s a company run by golfers, and they understand what the LGA is passionate about and how much the game means to us.”

“Health and wellness are a big part of my day to day off the course, 20/20 Immunity Booster has been a great addition to my routine.” – PGA Tour Pro David Lipsky

“I started using 20/20 Immunity Booster at the end of last year and I’m a huge fan of the product, it’s something I always keep in my golf bag. ” – Korn Ferry Tour Pro Alex Kang

“Our brand ethos is backed by science; we want the consumer to have transparency in what ingredients we’re using and why.” – 20/20 Founder/Golf TV Host George Savaricas

“We’ve carefully crafted our proprietary 20/20 Immunity Booster with functional ingredients like: Ginseng, Green Tea, and Vitamin C to defend your body against everyday stressors.” – Megan Poczekaj, RDN

Drink 20/20 will be rolling out a new product lineup soon that includes rapid hydration, focus and energy, and pain and inflammation shots.

About the Louisiana Golf Association: The LGA’s mission is to foster the enhancement and expansion of amateur golf through the development of member and information services, the promotion of opportunities for all who want to play, and the protection of the game’s integrity and valued traditions.  The LGA is licensed by the United States Golf Association as the “Allied Golf Association” of record for the state of Louisiana. Currently the LGA has 14,000 individual members representing 90 member clubs.